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Whether you are a performer or not, this is a great way to immerse yourself into performing arts (music, theater, dance), meet other high school students, and get lots of volunteer hours! This program is very flexible and you can pick and choose the dates that are best for you. Everyone must volunteer for at least two events. 

Below are some of the dates available (to get more information on the events please contact us).

2020 Dates



  • Honors & Contemporary Competition (CAPMT)
    Date: 26      Time: all day   
    Where: Los Angeles Harbor College


  • Spring Festival (CAPMT)
    Date: 19
           Time: TBA  
    Where: Hyperium Conservatory


  • May 8 & 9 - RCM Theory Exams
    Date: 17        T
    ime: TBA
    Where: Hyperium Conservatory

  • May 17 - RCM Performance Exams
    Time: all day
    Where: Hyperium Conservatory


  • Hyperium Conservatory Recital
    Date & Time: TBA

    Where: Hyperium Conservatory


  • RCM Theory Exams
    Date: 7 & 8          Time: TBA

    Where: Hyperium Conservatory

  • RCM Performance Exams
    Date & Time:
    Where: Hyperium Conservatory


MTAC: Music Teacher's Association of California
CAPMT: California Association of Professional Music Teachers

RCM: Royal Conservatory of Music

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